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2022 AD100 Debut: Carlos Mota Inc.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

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Carlos MotaPhoto: Bjorn Wallander

A celebrated stylist, creative consultant, and international style editor at AD for many years, Carlos Mota has been on a wide-ranging creative journey that has naturally prepared him to take on the role of interior designer in recent years. He has even designed a beautiful scenic wall covering for Pierre Frey, and the title of his 2019 book, Beige Is Not a Color (Vendome Press), has become something of a rallying cry for aesthetes tired of bland decor.

Today, the multihyphenate creative uses his full-fledged mastery of color to enliven the homes of clients around the globe, including model Jess Hart, whose vibrant Los Angeles abode perfectly captures his philosophy that “houses should reflect the client’s personality as well as that of the designer.” One thing is for sure: The former stylist has kept his unerring knack for the details, thoughtfully curating every inch of the homes he touches with equal parts artistry and allure.

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