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Carlos Mota is a creative consultant with extensive experience in styling, interior design, and product design. He has created environments for catalogs and advertising campaigns for numerous companies and brand’s. He is the author of Beige Is Not a Color and the book G: Forever Green is coming out in October, from vendome press. Formerly the international style editor for Architectural Digest and editor at large for Elle Decor, he is also the author of books like, Chic & Cheap, A Touch of Style. He lives in New York City.


The natural flora and fauna of my native Venezuela in addition to therich Latin culture have always been my inspiration. Color is mypassion. Beige is not a color, people.

At the age of 17,  I was ready to see the world and embarked on an
adventure to a different kind of jungle, a concrete jungle, New York
City. It was so foreign and exciting, a world that I had never seen,
radiating with a different kind of energy. I worked as a floral
designer, set designer, editor, author, and most recently, design
consultant. Throughout my journey, I have never forgotten my Latin
roots and connection to nature, which have been consistently reflected
in my work.

As an editor for shelter magazines, I have had the privilege of
visiting some of the most amazing houses in the world, which have been
a constant source of creativity. As a result, Casamota, a longtime
dream of mine, is finally coming to fruition. You will be able to shop
my favorites online, from tableware to fabrics. First, I am launching
my fabric collection called ‘verde’ which translates to green, my
favorite color.

Home is where the heart is a home is our sacred space and I want to
help you curate the most beautiful table, room, and home so let’s get

From my Casamota to your Casa,