I was born in venezuela many years ago. A beautiful country with the most incredible colors and Landscape. At 17 I wanted to see the world and i never went back | settled in Nyc until this day, i think is the most fascinating crazy city on earth. In my long career as set designer, floral designer, editor, design consultant and most recently author of 4 books Cheap & chic A touch of Style Beige is not a color And G forever green wich is coming out in September, is based on My favorite color Green and everything related to green. nananata nollaation in an aman.

CasaMota collection is an homage to nature and the color green. As an editor for Elle decor and Architecture digest i was exposed to many beautiful homes and gardens all over the world therefore increasing my passion for travels and to develop a keen eye for beauty in all his forms. This website will be a reflection of all my travels and discoveries to make your home more eclectic and beautiful. Is small site to start and it will grow as my travels continue to bring every few months only things i love, objects and fabrics that i will used in my own hous. So please stay tunned for many things to come.

Carlos Mota.